Commissioned by Airport Retail Enterprises, NRG Express Juice Bar is located in the main concourse of Terminal 3 at Sydney Domestic Airport. The client brief called for a light, vibrant and casual space that captured the fresh, natural qualities of the produce. 
The design of NRG Express provides a fluid interplay of enclosed and open spaces defined by plywood forms and timber fins, highlighted and punctuated by splashed of colour and organic forms. The fluid curvaceous timber joinery alludes to timber fruit packing cases, accentuated by colour referencing natural fruit produce, the thin layer of the green bar elements suggesting a peeling skin. The tenancy opens towards the centre of each of its elevations, seamlessly drawing customers into the cafe towards the servery, while corners are defined and partially enclosed thereby defining a mix of ‘interior’ spaces offering retreat from the busy adjacent concourse.

Shortlisted, Best Cafe Design, Eat Drink Design Awards 2012
Finalist, Interior Design - Retail, Sydney Design Awards, 2012

MP Constructions
Katherine Lu Photography