Grand Cru inverts the traditional perimeter food court model through the use of an iconic built element. In doing so it creates an intimate environment that celebrates the glamour of travel through its connection to the airside, the use of quality materials and the incorporation of a custom flip-dot bulkhead.
A fluid geometry encourages customers to move around the café and sit around the bar. A number of elements are used to reinforce a subtle rhythm throughout. The solidity of the bar is reinforced through the use of a 100% natural (40% recycled) glazed ceramic tile and establishes a natural texture and scale to the main element. This is trimmed with timber and brass. At high level, a continuous strip of flip-dots provides a dynamic and audible reminder of the romance of travel. Its geometries are then echoed in the high level wine racks that further refine the space.
A consistent palette of natural durable materials including timber, glazed ceramics, and brass are used to create a rich and warm environment; a respite for travellers and a quiet intimate alternative to the bustle of the expansive adjacent food court.

Shortlisted, Eat Drink Design Awards, Best Bar Design, 2015

Katherine Lu Photography